Carnival Rides

Clown Swing Ride (for Kids 6 yrs and under)
Carnival Trailer
Carnival Trailer
Carnival Trailer
Milk Can Toss

Carnival Games

Game & Equipment Rentals

Popcorn Machine
Small Ferris Wheel (for Kids 6 yrs and under)
Red, Blue & Yellow Space Ship Ride
Tables and Chairs
Snow Cone Machine
Amazing Clowns Express
Large Clown Ferris Wheel
Large Clown Ferris Wheel
Trackless Train & Colored Balloon Large 3-in-1
Retro Fire Truck
Quick Silver Train

Trackless Train Rental:  The Rental Fee includes the Train and Driver ONLY.  Additional personnel can be provided by Amazing Clowns to assist in the loading and unloading of the train cars at an additional cost of $35.00 per hour, per attendant.  It is to be understood that if the client declines this option, then the renter will be solely liable should any problems occur.